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You can now own Data numbers to all countries of the world Coordinators and reviewers 100% 

Easily double your profits

  • :Having a database of more than one and a half billion users that contains

Available country

USA 950$
UK 550$
South Africa $450
Slovenia 450$
Singapore 150$
Spain 250$
Sweden 550$
Switzerland 450$
Uruguay 250$
Portugal 450$
Poland 250$
Philippines 250$

Screenshots from the data

Shows the arrangement and division of data

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Any sale process needs customers, and the more customers you have, the more your profits will double. The data is millions of numbers and data for customers, including name, address, profession, certificate obtained, place of work, place of residence, and a link to communication sites

Yes, of course, you can get engineers, doctors, media professionals, artists, and all professions and specializations

With ease, you can get your money back within 15 days if you find undeclared files.. There are also realistic pictures and videos of data files and the way to search for them. In addition, the payment process is made only for cards with triple protection.

There is a big difference between the databases that our platform owns and what is called extracted data that is announced on social networking sites. Our databases exceed a billion numbers, and they are actual, confidential, and not published numbers that are not found on social networking sites. They are called Data Secret, not Public Data. What is being circulated is the Public Data, which is information available to all and inaccurate.

Unfortunately not available

Payment is available by Visa, Master, Mada, Meeza, Fawry and all types of ATM cards

Because of the huge files, which may reach 6 gigabytes, and because of the volume of data that exceeds millions, it is difficult to open them with regular programs, so we provided our customers with completely free programs to open and deal with the data, in addition to the attached Excel files.

Whoever now owns the information is in control of the market

Having data means: marketing your products with complete ease – achieving double profits by increasing sales – saving thousands of dollars spent on wrong marketing – saving great time in persuading customers – acquiring countless millions of customers daily